October 2017 Newsletter

Previous Event: Karen & JP’s Barnyard run.

We all met up at our usual spot –KFC Bothasig
2017 octoberThere was literally only a handful of us, but cancelling it was NOT on the agenda!

Off we went to the Barnyard, JP asked Anton to take the lead, so he took the longest and most scenic route.. all around Vissershok.
What a beautiful part of the world we live in!!
Upon arrival at the Barnyard, the Buggers filled the pizza and the drinks Q’s.. There was a serious hunger and thirst now after that ride!!
The scene was set, we had nice eye-level seats of the stage and the mini circus. The music and acrobats started shortly afterwards.
Pizzas arrived.. well most of them that is and fun was had by all.
2017 octoberIt was so nice to have Riaan and Suzie join us too.. Hulle is so skaars soos hoender tande!! Riaan even had his hands in the air enjoying the boogie.
Seems like Charmaine has become our Barnyard regular as well. Lovely to have her join us too!
When all was done and it was time to part ways again, we met in the parking lot to do the raffle.
Anton reminded us that raffles should be done on EVERY run!

We all went our own ways and arrived safely at our family destinations.





2017 october2017 october
2017 october

 Click the link below to see all the photos of this run:


Next Event: Karen & Jp’s Camp. 6-8 October 2017.

Place: Club Elani, Misverstand dam, Moreesburg
Meeting place ‘n time – For those that want/are able to drive together in a group, we meet at the usual stop on the N7 at the garage
Somewhere between 2:45 and 3. Plan is to leave about 3:15.
We’ll see the rest of you at Elani a bit later….

Thanks to those who are available to join our camp this weekend.
It is again just a handful, but that’s ok. We’ll miss those that can’t make it…
In order to have everyone together, we decided to book 2 x caravan sites and pitch our tents across them.

We are for sure looking forward to tenting right on the water’s edge
Some will be fishing by sunrise – for the best “catch”.
Some of us will rather wait for coffee in bed when they come back.. lo l- one can only dream hey!!
Later on we can take the Buggy’s for a spin.
HOPEFULLY the rain stays away.

Thank you to all for making the payments timeously.
Our sites do have electricity, so you can bring lead, charges, lights etc.

Please don’t forget:

Fishing gear (no permits required)
Camp chairs, meds, cutlery, crockery, glasses, toilet paper & all usual camping stuff..
Sun hats & sunblock, swimming costumes, towels etc...
CANNOT WAIT to see Anton in his Leopard skin speedo.
Vernon will probably join him minus the Speedo…(?). 

**On our first e-mail with regards to the camp, we did attach rules and regulations, Please ensure understanding of do’s and don’ts…

Even though the weather is not so good today – the weatherman says it’s going to clear up and be nice by the weekend (hopefully).
There is a shop there for fresh bread etc. and most things needed.
We will buy wood ‘n ice there on Friday.. then the weekend begins!!


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