April 2017 Newsletter

Previous Run: Jacques and Lene’s Trekoskraal buggy run 12 March 2017

2017 april After fluid top ups and final adjustments at the club house we left with the wind from behind! Remember this was the day the Argus cycle race was cancelled due to strong wind!

After 45 minutes we pulled off due to a slow puncture on Ramkat…Vernon said ….Yeah time do some tuning!!
At West Coast One Stop it was time for a relaxing coffee break.
2017 aprilIn Vredenburg we got more provisions and off we went on the last stretch. The gravel road was severely corrugated and everything that was not bolted down fell off! 

 The best picnic spot was open and all settled in. Jan got the fire going, Vernon did some more adjustments, JP sorted the music and I constructed a toilet for the ladies.

After we braaied and ate, we set off exploring the rest of the area.
Opstand, with JP Anton and Jan was flying over the rough terrain, leading Vernon and myself.  Many small roads and sand trails were tried…. and tested!  With conflicting messages from passengers Naomi (don’t go there Jacques!) and Tersia (Go-Go-2017 april2017 april2017 april2017 aprilGo!!!) Ramkat simply ventured forward.

 At the most southern point we stopped for a chat and savoured the beauty of the rugged West Coast. We turned around and drove all the way back to the camp site. JP said that this was the most fun he ever had in a buggy!

We packed up and slowly drove back to regroup at Moertoegepomp for some fun photos before heading back to the club house. So sad that the chances are very good that next year we will not be able to visit the same area due to the pending development of the area!
Maybe we should do an impromptu camp sometime soon……

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Next Event: Sunday 9 April 2017

The next beach buggy run will be on Sunday 9 April 2017. 
More information to follow shortly.


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Getting your VW timed in a non-stock world.

Correct engine timing is crucial for getting top performance and life out of your engine.  For example, if engine timing is retarded too much, you will have a hard time getting it to idle, have pronounced "flat spots" during acceleration as well as never getting the most HP.  On the other hand, if timing is advanced too far, among other things, you'll experience "pre-detonation"; called knocking and pinging which makes your engine run hotter and in turn, can melt pistons and valves.  As you can see, it's important to get it right.

I've noticed that timing specs listed in most repair manuals are listed by the YEAR / MODEL / TRANSMISSION TYPE.  This is well and good for a car which is totally stock and relatively "young", but now days, most A/C VWs are 25 - 40+ years old, on their 5th or 6th owner, most are NOT stock and ALL have some wear.  Just ask yourself these questions:  Are you running that "performance 009"??  How do you know the distributor that's in there is the one that came from the factory for your car??  Has your present motor been transplanted from a newer or older VW??  Is it from a bus or bug or _____???  See what I mean??  So using those parameters, I feel, is rather outdated.  

So now you may ask, "HOW do I find out where my car should be timed??"  The answer is in the DISTRIBUTOR.  Bosch made literally over a hundred (100+) different distributors over the years for A/C VWs.  They all pretty much work similarly, BUT each one has slightly different advance curves from one another.  These special advance curves were tailored for each type of vehicle, emissions requirements of the day, gearing, vehicle weight, load and probably a host of other factors to get the top performance from the vehicle they were originally installed on.  That's why there's no true, "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" distributor (regardless of what retailers may tell you about that so-called, "PERFORMANCE 009").  This means you need to figure out exactly what distributor you have and then set your timing according to the distributor's specs.   Then tailor the timing for your vehicle through test driving.

On the side of the distributors metal body, there is either an oval tag (early distributors) held on by 2 rivets with two (2) sets of numbers with one (1) long number preceded by a Bosch symbol, OR there are three (3) sets of numbers actually stamped into the body (late model distributors).  On the later, the two (2) bottom numbers preceded by either a small Bosch symbol or VW symbol are the most important when trying to identify the exact specs for your distributor.  
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