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2017 august

Previous Event: Karin & Naomi’s Camp.

Naomi K. What a week!!
2017 augustAnd we should have looked forward to a very nice camp, but due to circumstances, that was not totally possible. We needed a break and the only good thing that came from getting away, was seeing old friends and family. It kept us going. Thanx to everyone for being there for us in that very hard time.

I remembered Dennebos from my childhood and it changed so much. It’s sad how things just fall apart over time. But not to worry, being together – 36 of us in total, was a real treat.
We left Cape Town a bit later than we planned, but got to Ceres in good time – while the sun was still out. Rearranging the rooms was a challenge, but also fun. Thanx for everyone that did not mind sleeping on a matrass on the floor.

Vrydag-aand het ons ‘n baie lekker vuur aan die gang gekry. Lekker gekuier, maar ook moeg van die lang week het meeste van ons maar vroegerig in die bed geklim. Die nimmer-eindes, soos Anton het biejtie later kom slaap as die normale outjie.
2017 august
Saterdag oggend het ons lekker breakfast gemaak en toe die pad gevat na die Matroosberg. Die windjie daar was maar baie koud en vinnig het ons besluit om maar weer terug te gaan na die kampplek toe. Daar was ook ‘n paar wat besluit het om die 4 x 4 roete te ry. Jan en Jacques, met hul geliefdes was berg op, toe ons weer berg af is.

2017 augustBy die kampplek aangekom het ons lekker deur Dennebos gaan stap om alles te bekyk. In die ou-dae was hierdie ‘n kampplek om op trots te wees. Ongelukkig het mense die plek verniel en dis sad dat daar soveel aan die elemente oorgelaat is. ‘n Bietjie later, weer terug by die huisies, is daar weer ‘n vuur aangesteek en Christo se ma en boetie het kom kuier. Groot vure is hierdie keer gemaak en daar is lekker gekuier. Shooters was aan die orde van die dag, maar het my vroeg al bed toe gedwing. Dit was net wat ek nodig gehad het – ‘n lekker warm bed en salig onbewus van al die pret buite. Partykeer moet ‘n mens maar net kies wat die regte ding is om te doen – myne was om te gaan slaap.

2017 augustSondag het ons gegroet met ‘n bui reen. Dit het sommer lekker gesous en baie gou was almal nat hoenders. Om die motor te pak in die reen is nie vir sussies nie. Ons het sommer vroeg al die pad gevat terug Kaap toe.

Dankie Karen vir ‘n baie lekker kamp wat jy gereel het. Ek glo dat indien ons omstandighede anders was, sou ek dit baie meer geniet het. Die plek het baie goeie herinneringe uit my kinderdae, maar harseer het my oorweldig en ek kon net nie myself wees nie. Ek wil dus afsluit met ‘n verskoning aan almal wat daar was. Dankie vir elkeeen van julle daar was vir ons gesin. Ek sien uit daarna om julle weer te sien op ons volgende kamp.

Karin W. We (Karin, Vernon, Lilly, Sandra, Mitch and Vivienne) arrived at Dennebos in Ceres at +-13:45 on Friday afternoon.  Once signed in and all the paperwork was done everyone started 2017 augustarriving bit by bit.  We established who will be sleeping where and once everyone was settled in, we all gathered at Anton and Naomi’s chalet to enjoy and evening with good friends around the fire.
2017 augustOn Saturday morning after breakfast some of us went for a walk to explore the rest of the resort.  We then all prepared for a drive to the Matroosberge.  A few of us in buggies and a few in cars.  Hoping to have a quick bite once we arrive on the other side, we were told that the restaurant has closed.  While Snoopy and Ramkat took on the 2x4 track up the mountain the rest of us decided to return to the chalets to start preparations for Saturday night’s festivities.  We started the fire a bit earlier, as there were some potjies that had to be prepared.  After some, good food and shooters we all retired for the evening.
Waking up on a rainy Sunday morning we all had breakfast and started packing up to return home after another amazing weekend with the Wild Buggers.







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Next Event: Markus & Michelle Se Run. Saturday 12 August 2017.

Hi Julle

Ons gaan die Run se datum verander vanaf die Sondag 13de Augustus na die Saterdag 12de Augustus. Ongelukkig is die plek net Maandag tot Saterdag oop en dit is die rede vir ons run datum verandering.Ons wil vir julle bier wat hier gemaak word laat proe.

Ons het gedink om so 11:00 mekaar te kry by Tulbagh se eerste afdraai van Wellington se kant af. 

Kan ons dalk indikasie kry van hoeveel mense gaan kom, dat die plek net voorbereid kan wees vir ons. Dit gaan so R30 wees vir die bierproe en dan gaan ons daar ook sommer middag ete hou by die restaurant wat by dit is.

Markus & Michelle


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2017 august

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Upgrading To Solid Rocker Shafts from Stock, OEM VW

    The stock rocker shafts are great, no frills shafts that work great on a stock head.  Once you add a set of high rev single springs or dual high performance springs on your heads, you begin to see their limitations in a hurry and problems start.  The reason for this is because the higher than normal side loads placed on the retaining clips and warpy spacers from the increased spring pressures, causes these parts to break or come apart.  When these parts break, the pieces have to go somewhere, right??  Chances are they will find their way down the push rod tubes and into the crank case.  But that's only half the problem.  Because of the engine's design, the #1 & #4 exhaust rockers tend to be the ones that break the spring clips and warpy spacers the most.  This ends up causing the rocker to chew-up the top of the valve retainer while putting extreme side loads on the valve stems.  This condition can rapidly cause the destruction of an otherwise good motor.  The answer to this problem is simple; install solid rocker shafts.
NOTE:  Solid rocker shafts are MANDATORY for ALL motors built with anything more than stock valve springs
    A solid rocker shaft kit has no warpy spacers or retailing clips to break.  Instead of warpy spacers and clips, they use a series of shims, a large center spacer and two end caps with bolts holding it all together.
2017 august
    Here is a comparison shot of a stock rocker assembly (top) and a rocker assembly with solid shafts (bottom).  
    Proper set-up is crucial for long engine valve life.  I recommend doing this in a well lighted area PRIOR to bolting on the heads to the engine.  It can be done after the heads are on with NO ill effects, but it's just WAY easier to do before assembly.  You will need to assemble the rockers assemblies with a few random shims at first and seat it firmly onto the rocker studs.  While doing the shimming process, I find it easier to just leave the lock washers off of the end caps for now so that I can put it all together with my fingers.  You will end up taking it all apart several times during this process and being able to just use your fingers makes it go a lot faster.  The goal in shimming is to get your valve adjuster to contact the valve stem just SLIGHTLY off center.  This way, the valve will slightly turn in the guide each time the valve is depressed ensuring the valve and seat contact in a different location each time and wear evenly.
2017 august
    Here's an example of a rocker adjuster shimmed CORRECTLY.  Note that the adjuster is just slightly off center. This is what you should be striving for when shimming.
2017 august
    Here is a couple photo with two adjusters that are set-up INCORRECTLY.  Note that the left adjuster is half off the edge of the valve stem.  This will quickly destroy the valve and possibly the whole motor of the stem were to break off.  The rocker on the right is contacting the valve stem directly in the center
. 2017 august
    This is just a comparison shot of the swivel ball valve adjusters I used when I upgraded to heads with stainless steel valves.  You MUST either upgrade to this type of adjuster OR use hardened lash caps to protect the soft SS valve stems from mushrooming from the constant pounding from the adjusters.  I would recommend upgrading to this type of adjuster no matter what type of heads or rockers you currently run.  They provide a more consistent gap and make valve adjustments MUCH easier.  When you use this type of adjuster, you must use the supplied rocker shaft mount spacers since the ball-end of them protrude further than stock.


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