February 2017 Newsletter

Previous Run: Jp & Karen’s Camp. 11-13 November 2016.
2017 February

El Lions, Klein Dassenberg

The excitement was just too much for Karen as she waited a whole year for this camp after we had to postpone after her getting sick in 2015.

We all started meeting at the clubhouse just after 4pm on Friday, ready to convoy to meet the next lot of friends at the Engen 1-stop at 5pm as it’s a surprise venue and not so easy to find it in the dark.

The distance to the camp site was short, but very windy. While en-route, some people looked around and thought “where on earth are these people taking us”!  Jean-Pierre missing the turnoff and the resulting extra travelling through the Atlantis area didn’t help either. Anyway, a quick U-turn and we were back on track.
2017 FebruaryOnce we reached our destination, which was just around the next corner…, it was a whole different story!! There was some “oooo-ing” and “ah-ing” as we drove in through the gates at EL LIONS where we were met by a beautiful peacock opening his feathers to welcome us to beautiful lush of green grass, mile-high trees, more very loud peacocks, the joys of little to no cell-phone reception and ‘the moment is here “

Karen and Kyle went up ahead to give her a chance to quickly put the names on the stable doors so everyone would know where they would be sleeping. The rest of the group arrived a few minutes later (albeit JP’s detour). After a quick settling in, I jumped back in my buggy to go to Philadelphia to fetch the remainder of the Buggers. Jan decided to join me with his buggy and off we went. This would prove to be his only buggy ride of the weekend as the next morning his buggy went on strike. After a longish wait for Markus & Michelle who had a few issues along the way, we arrive back arrived back around 8ish, a bit chilly and EXTREMELY thirsty. 
Each Bugger family was allocated a “stable” which was modernized into sleeping quarters with 2 bunk beds. Nothing fancy, but more than sufficient! After some happy greetings and a quick unpacking, we were settled in.
Not long after the fires were going in the bath-tubs provided. They just knew the Wild Buggers were in town!!

Go BIG or go home

We all had a very festive evening, not even the Cape Town’s wind spoiled our fun!! There was lots of fun, love and laughter – we did have some competition with the peacocks calling each other! But we won.  Chinelle’s laugh was “aansteeklik”
2017 FebruaryThe stables were just meters away and all could go to bed whenever they were ready but for some, that wasn’t till the early hours of the morning….
2017 FebruaryI made the announcement that we had to be up and ready by 7h30 on Saturday morning for a fun-filled time on the Atlantis Dunes. I think most guys went to bed with a smile on their faces that night in anticipation of what that meant – fun, fun, fun with their buggies!!
Anyway, Saturday morning we were blessed with gorgeous weather and everyone was up early and ready to rock and roll to the Dunes. Unfortunately, the morning started off with the standard buggy issues that resulted in both Hennie LR and Jan having to leave their buggies behind. Markus and Vernon also had a close call but managed to salvage the situation. Hennie eventually took his new Ford Ranger to play in the dunes… (Mmmmmm…. In hindsight, that may have been planned).
It’s nice to see all the young adults blooming in the club and as for the experienced ones… just hang in there, we need you!!
This was lots of fun, whether you sat “vas” in the deep sand or not. It was memorable moments. Pink Floyd  was having tons of fun, doing donuts and collecting of sand round the turns (4.5 kg’s of it to be exact). Jacques was a machine in the sand with Ramkat and Markus also had a great time with Michelly. OF COURSE Ops-Tandt  was the first to get stuck….. again….. No matter, even though I spent most of my morning digging out my buggy, I had a JOL!!!! I also learned a few valuable 2017 Februarylessons. Ouboet was also going bos and as for Vernon, well, that guy is just a frikkin MANIAC! 
2017 FebruaryAfter spending a few hours out there, we were overtaken by “the thirst” and so we headed to Darling for our 1 o’clock appointment @ Darling Brew for a tour of the brewery, a lekka cold beer and a quick bite to eat to gather our energy and quench the thirst. The tour was interesting. For the beer-drinkers it felt like heaven as there were millions of liters of beer… but untouchable! Some purchased 5lt Kegs.
After the tour we took a slow drive back to the camp site where we all went in our separate ways to start preparing for the evening’s potjies that were to be made. Most couples made a potjie and there was plenty enough to go around for all to have a taste of everyone’s pots.
The breads that were made.. is another story… there’s never enough freshly-baked bread in life ever!!
2017 FebruaryLots of fun was had by all. We even had an un-invited guest which scared the ladies!... A BIG RED locust… who would obviously choose the ladies bathroom entrance to sit and fascinate everyone.. but we still had a lot of fun… It was cute to see how many men escorted their partners to-da-loo.
2017 FebruarySunday Morning was up-and-at-‘em early with some of the Buggers hitting the road before sparrow’s. By the time 10 bells rolled around, the remaining Buggers hit the road in convoy. Karen and I and Jacques and Lene ended up at the clubhouse with Anton and Naomi for a few more drinks and another fire. After warming up our lamb curry pot on the fire (delicious), we satisfied our breakfast hunger pains and called it a day, heading off home for a late afternoon sleep… 
We would like to thank everyone for helping us make this camp a big success and a memorable one!! We hope you all had an AMAZING time and we look forward to surprising you with another lekka camp next year…
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A.G.M. Held on 10 December  2016.

Not naming all the people but 30 people attended the A.G.M.

Wag eers so n bietjie – Naomi sê sy gaan nou vir haar n glas rooiwyn gooi – WAG WAG WAG ek gaan dan vir my n ou katembatjie gooi………………… Ok dop in die hand en terug by die computer --- kom ons probeer weer!!!!

Decisions that were made on A.G.M.

I asked Niel and Ouboet to organise the voting for President as I feel I should not get involved in this matter.
The outcome was – the committee stays as it is. President = Anton, Secretary = Naomi and the Secretary’s assistants = Karin & Vernon.

 Membership Fees: Also stays the same – R500 per family per year. It was asked that members please pay earlier in the year (like in February) and not the month of the Yearend Function as this becomes a logistical nightmare when organizing the Yearend Function.

Someone has already paid their subs to the bank account but did not use their name as reference --- Thank you very much but please let us know who you are????

Badges: Run and camp organisers can decide for themselves if they want to have a badge made for their event. If you don’t have a contact for badges then you can speak to Jp or Jan.

In-betweener Runs:  These can be organized by any member. All you need to do is ask on our Whattsapp group who wants to go with – and see what happens. Last year we did Lilly’s gymnastics thing and it was a lekker jol and big success.

Raffles: Also stays as is.
It was decide that as a fund raiser we should do an auction on one of the camps and if need be the Club can subsides the prize. BUT we forgot to ask on whose camp are we going to try this. Ouboet will be the auctioneer as he has the experience.  Rhoodie & Yolanie??? – Naomi & Karin??? – Jp & Karen??? Don’t worry, Anton & Ouboet will do all the organizing. We just need a camp volunteer?

Convoy Driving: Anton needs to inform all new members about convoy driving (follow the Buggy behind you).
Anton asks all members to remind him of this when there are new members on a run.

2017 Runs were finalized:
12 February – Ouboet & Liana’s Run
12 March – Jacques & Lene’s Run
7,8,9 April – Rhoodie & Yolandie se Kamp
21 May – Niel & Marie’s Run
11 June – Hennie & Chinelle’s Run
7,8,9 July – Naomi & Karin’s Camp (this date might change)
13 August – Markus & Michelie’s Run
10 September – Jp & Karen’s Run
6,7,8 October – Jp & Karen’s Camp
12 November – Jan se Run
9 December – Yearend Function & A.G.M
28 December – 4 January – 8 Day Adventure

No further points were raised – everyone was happy to be part of this Wild Bugger family.
Meeting adjourned.

Previous Event: Yearend Function. 10 December 2016.

Karin & Naomi

2017 FebruaryWe wanted to do something different this year, something where everyone could be part of the event and came up with the idea of recreating Master Chef and called it Master Chef Wild Buggers.
Vernon started creating some of the decorations to transform the clubhouse into a Master Chef kitchen.  We met up at the clubhouse the Thursday before the event to start discussing the layout of the table and all the finer details.  On Friday night Naomi and Anton started with the setup of the décor and on Saturday morning we all jumped in with the final layout.
2017 FebruaryFriday night, Anton and I had a few drinks (on our lonesome) and planned the lay-out of our “Kitchen” – wondering how the members will react to being involved in cooking and having loads of fun. We worked till after 12 and called it a night! Karin and Vernon will meet up with us on Sat morning to do the final touches. Went to bed, very excited and hoped for the best.
The club members started arriving at 11:00 and once everyone was present we could start with the reveal and the competition.
2017 FebruarySaturday was a frantic run around to get everything finished and the first members to arrive was Rhoodie and Yolandie. True to their nature, they want to jump in and help to get everything ready, but this time they had to just drink, eat a bit and be happy, without helping. The secret was ours to keep for a little while longer. Once most of our Competitors (Members) arrived, we asked them to enter our Clubhouse from the front. We opened the doors, but our lovely daughters, Miike and Lilly kept our secret a few minutes longer till the “Judges” was ready and in front of the  “Kitchen” – Then the curtain dropped and for a few seconds you could hear a pin drop. The faces was awesome to watch. From being perplexed, to stunned, to elation. It was so awesome to see that everyone was happy!!
Everyone received their assignments and the clock started ticking.  It was amazing to see how excited everyone was and how competitive they started getting with one another.  From awesome presentations to trying to bribe the judges.2017 February
As Judges, we also had some food to prepare, but with all the cooking, looking and “bribing” we did not get to cook our Potato Bake, but we promise to one day make up for it. Karin, Vernon, Anton and I, will still spoil you with our delicious cooking in the near future!
We ended up with an enormous amount of food.  Enough to enjoy for breakfast the next morning for the few that slept over and all the food was absolutely stunning.  
We ended up tasting the most wonderful cooking in a long time. Miike, Trystan, Lilly and Justin got the best spot – number 1 and they had to prepare a very nice “Boerie” for everyone. They had the “honour” to use Kleyn Begin’s fantastic Boerwors. For our 2nd menu, Hennie, Chinelle, Bonnet and Kop made Punch and Green Salad to enjoy with the main meal a bit later. Ouboet, Liana, Jacques and Lene made incredible Pasta, Christo, Sandra, JP and Karen was in charge of 2 delicious “potjies” – Oxtail-pot and Lamb-pot. Jan and Hennie was in charge of Bread Baking and made some absolutely stunning breads – Spinach & Fetta and a Biltong Bread. Niel, Marie, Rhoodie and Yolandie was in charge of our desert menu of the day – Yummy Lemon Meringue. Everyone cooked to their heart content and prepared dishes that Master Chef, Australia would have been proud off.  As Karin mentioned, there as left-overs for a week and the ones that stayed the night and slept at the Club-house was treated the next morning with some more food and take-a-ways.
We as the organisers of this year’s Year End Function, wants to really thank everyone that participated and joined us. We really did enjoy a fantastic day!! Hope all the Club-members will be able to join us next year!

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Previous Run: 8 Day Adventure. 28 December – 4 January 2016/17.
2017 February
Our 8-day adventure started with a sleepover at Christo and Sandra’s place the night before.  The next morning, we left at 5:00 to get a head start on the day with the surprise that Sandra and Christo decided to join us for the adventure. 
We met up with Ouboet, Liana, Niel and Marie at the One Stop on the N1.  Our first stop was Karoo Saloon close to Barrydale.  1st things first, we had to at least get a “drinkie-drankie”, before setting up camp. It was 2017 Februarywarm already at 11am and we made our way to the pool area. We enjoyed some relaxation in the pool and Naomi had opted to be Bar-lady. Ouboet and Anton was great entertainment for the afternoon. 
2017 FebruaryOur stay at Barrydale included a Guest-room for us to take a shower (and some of us also a nap) and other played pool and darts in the bar – after a long day in the sun and on the road, some of us was tired. Later, as the sun took its leave, we moved to the Braai area to enjoy a very nice kuiertjie around the fire and was presented with our “Kos-Pakkie” from Karoo-Saloon, which was included in our 1st day’s tariff. There was enough food for everyone – chops, wors, chicken, salad and bread. Thank you Karoo-Saloon for a very nice supper provided. Most of us went to bed “early’ish”. We left the next morning at 8:00 for our next destination, Willowmore.
2017 FebruaryThe 1st “breakdown” – so to speak came in the form of “NO-PETROL” in Ramkat.  Jacques and Lene was under the impression that Ramkat had a big enough petrol-tank to keep him on the road, all the way to PE, but sadly he was mistaken. After a while, not spotting the Ramkat in our rear-view mirror we turned around and met up with him and Lene a few kilometres back the way we came. Lucky for them they already had the pleasure to meet 2 very nice Police Officers that was willing to catch the other Buggies and to bring the “Petrol-Lorry-Joker” back to where Ramkat was stranded. All was soon on the road again, Ramkat’s tank filled to get him to our next stop.
Christo and Sandra was next in line for a Breakdown – FLAT TYRE! They left us behind and got to Willowmore as quickly as possible after the men managed to get some Tyre-Weld into the tyre, but it was very quickly starting to blow down again. The rest of us finally arrived in Willowmore where Vernon and the rest of the men started making some adjustments to their buggy motors in preparation for the long stretch to PE in the morning.  We set up camp and after a dip in the pool the fires was lit. Karin, myself and Sandra was making “braai-broodjies” and a new “anthem” was born – This is the way we make the samies, make the samies, make the samies, this is the way we make the samies, all night long!! Never the less – dinner was served and the samies was incredible!!
On the 3rd morning we set off to PE.  We pulled into Steytlerville with Joker acting up. We had to stop a few times to adjust some things on Joker, but eventually we got to Steytlerville – it was incredibly hot, but we found the hotel 2017 Februaryand some shade on the stoop. Vernon was working on Joker and the next moment we all heard a bang and low and behold, Joker’s Coil exploded. It was boiler hot and in my time with the Buggers, I have never seen something like that.
2017 FebruaryOn our way to PE, Shrek also had a bit of a hic-up – the petrol filter had to be changed. We found a half shade under a half tree and fixed Shrek. On our way up the hill, Joker acted up again. After some time in the very hot sun, we were on our way again. We made good time but was stopped in a Road Block on the outskirts of PE and there Joker decided to get cranky again. It took some police officers to push her in the right direction and we were off again. I decided to phone JP just to let him know that we are moving slowly in the direction of PE. To our surprise about 20 minutes later, we were joined by JP and Justin. They came to give us the grand entrance into PE. Finally Joker made his last bow and his engine shut down. Ramkat was willing to give Joker a lift the rest of the way to the campsite. 
2017 FebruaryFor the rest of our stay in PE our mission was to get the Joker back on the road again, but alas no luck.  After Vernon took the complete engine out and re-did it, there on the grass in PE’s campsite, it was not to be. The recovery vehicle was brought in from Tulbagh - Ouboet and Liana’s Ford Ranger was despatched. “Pieter”-Francois and ……….. was there the next morning early on the 2nd of January 2017, to take the rear all the way to Angie’s with Joker on tow. Karin and Sandra was swept up in a life of luxury in the back of the Ford and drove in style all the way to Angie’s G-Spot – our next destination. Although it started to rain as we entered the Prince Albert Pass, it was a sorry sight to behold. It was extremely dry and fires destroyed most of the mountain’s habitation and there was no water to speak of in the river. The drizzle cooled us off and once we arrived at Angie’s it was really raining hard. We decided to give up the tents and blow-up mattresses, for rooms and comfortable beds. We obviously shared our space with some creepy crawlies, but Niel managed to chase the spider out.
The next morning, we were off to Swellendam. All the way up the mountain as we came in the day before we were unlucky again, but with some luck to the bad luck. The break downs continued as we left the gravel road for the tar-road, Jan ran into some trouble with his gears/breaks and we were stranded in a very small “dorpie” Avontuur for +/- 4 hours.  We met some incredible people en die gasvryheid was iets wat ‘n mens nooit in die Kaap sou kry 2017 February2017 Februarynie. We are very thankful to the owner of the Ko-Op in Avontuur to help us find a hub for Snoopie and gave us coffee and biscuits. Once we got back on the road, even the Joker that was at this point being towed via a-frame started having problems with its breaks.  We decided that it was getting late and that it would be better if we stayed over in Albertinia for the night. Jan, Anton and Naomi found an awesome bed and breakfast and once all the sleeping arrangements were made a few of us decided to rather go out for supper at the Albertinia hotel. The rest of the group, Anton, Naomi, Jacques, Lene, JP and the kids stayed and made a fire. Our creepy-crawly from Angie’s followed us all the way to Albertinia on the back of Niel and Marie’s buggy, on top of the 2017 February2017 Februarycooler box. It certainly had a fantastic ride!!
Our last day was not without some fun either. We went through another Road-block and then Pink Floyd started spewing some smoke out of the exhaust pipe. Getting to Robertson in one piece, without any stopping to fix a buggy, Jacques mentioned very dryly “Dis sommer ‘n boring dag – niks het gebreek nie” – well the adventure was great, the breakdown was part of the adventure, but enough is enough. We parted ways in Worcester and hit the road into Paarl and then the straights to Cape Town. What a very eventful 8 day adventure – this time the name of this trip said it all – ADVENTURE – AVONTUUR!!!
Naomi & Karin.
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Next Event: Ouboet & Liana se Run. 12 February 2017.

Ons Buggers ontmoet mekaar 7h30 vir 8h00 by Klapmuts se BP Garage by die 4 rigting stop.  Ek weet dit is vroeg vir van die Buggers, maar vir die hitte se onthalwe hou ons dit maar vroeg.
Kostes beloop R180 p/p en aangesien ek getalle moet deurgee het ek dringend getalle nodig van hoeveel Buggers die run gaan bywoon.  Hulle kan sommer die getalle op die Wildbuggers Whattsapp Groep deurgee of e-mail my johan@jaffes.co.za
Dit is die basiese reelings, so sien Tulbagh Sondag uit ‘n ander oog en daarna  ‘n “scenic” roete terug huis toe.
Ouboet & Liana.

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2017 February

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