June 2017 Newsletter

2017 june

2017 junePrevious Run: Niel & Marie Se Run. Sunday 21 May 2017.

We met at 10h00 at the ENGEN 1 Stop on the N1.  Six buggies, a couple of cars and Henry Odendaal in his nicely restored Kombi.

I know we desperately need rain in the Western Cape, but I was very relieved that the weather turned out fine on the day of the run. It is always a gamble to arrange a run in winter!2017 juneBy 10h30 we left the ENGEN 1 Stop and took a slow drive through Koelenhof to Stellenbosch.
From Stellenbosch we continued along the R44 through the Strand and Gordon’s Bay and onto Clarence Drive, direction Rooi Els.
We then turned left onto the road leading up to the Steenbras Dam Water Treatment Plant on the mountain above Gordon’s Bay. From what I can gather, most people were unaware of the lookout spot and the beautiful view over False Bay and the surrounding mountains.

From there we proceeded to IM Eimer on the old road between Somerset West and Sir Lowry’s Pass village.
We spent the afternoon at Im Eimer where we were entertained by the G- Stringers, a two man band, playing songs from the seventies and eighties, while everyone got stuck into the beers, schnitzels and eisbeins.
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To all the regulars and the new guests, thanks for making it such a pleasant run.

Kind regards,
Niel & Marie

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Next Event: Hennie en Chinelle’s Run. 11 Junie 2017.

Ok hier is wat ons in gedagte gehad het vir ons run... Hahahahaha ons gaan nie vir julle sê nie, miskien kan julle raai?? (Tip - ons gaan die slang in die gras soek? Huh?)
Ons kom almal by Mc Donalds N1 City bymekaar so 08:30 vir departure 09:00.
Ons vertrek dan op n pragtige scenic route. Wanneer ons daar aankom gaan ons n entjie stap (om die slang te soek) -  dis nie n ver roete wat gestap word nie maar is bitter mooi.
Dit is wheelchair vriendelik. So almal moet maar gemaklike skoen aantrek.
Dit kos R60 om in te gaan
Dan het ons gedink kan almal piekniek goodies inpak. Onthou ons gaan n klein entjie stap so maak jou piekniek goodies gemaklik soos in n rugsak of so iets.......vir die wat nie piekniek goed wil inpak nie is daar piekniek mandjies en restaurante daar beskikbaar. N kombersie om op te sit kan ook werk.
Indien ons enige reen op die dag ervaar is ons backup dan om piekniek hier by ons onder die dak te hou maar hopenlik hoef ons nie dit te doen nie.
Hennie & Chinelle

Next Camp: Karin & Naomi Se Kamp. 7-9 July 2017.

Hi all

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2017 june

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Valve Adjustment - You've been warned!!

2017 june
Checking and adjusting your valves is crucial for your engine to have a long, happy life.  An added benefit if checking/adjusting your own valves is that you can tell when your heads are beginning to get tired and possibly head off disaster before it happens!!  In your maintenance record, write down which valves were tight when you check them.  If you see a pattern of repeated tightness over 2-3 valve adjustments on the same valve, that it a sign that the valve stem is stretching.  Valve stems will stretch just prior to breaking so if there's a pattern on consecutive valve adjustments, get the head(s) fixed.  You've been warned!!
1 - 13mm box-end wrench.
1 - 4" Straight-tipped screwdriver
1 - Feeler gauge set (with at least a .006" or 0.15mm blade)
1.  Ensure the engine is dead cold.  If it's still warm, let it sit for 3+ hours before checking the valves.  The engine must be cool to the touch for accurate measurement.
2.  Remove the valve covers.
3.  Position the #1 cylinder into firing position.  To do this, watch the intake valve in the #1 cylinder as you turn the engine by hand.  Once this valve closes, look back at the crank pulley and see where the TDC mark is.  Continue to turn the crankshaft until the TDC mark is at the top and right on the seam in the case halves.  You can also look at your distributor rotor.  It should be pointing to the over your right shoulder when looking at it.
2017 june
3.  Start with the INTAKE valve (pictured below).  Use your thumb to press on the bottom of the rocker arm while you  insert your .006" feeler gauge between the tappet and the valve stem.  If it won't go in, the valve is tight.  If it goes in loosely, the valve is loose.  If it goes in and you can feel slight resistance as it's drawn through, no adjustment is required.
2017 june
4.  To adjust the valve, loosen the 13mm jam nut with your wrench.
   4a.  While holding the jam nut with the wrench, turn the adjustment screw with the screwdriver the proper direction to achieve .006" 
    4b.  While holding the adjustment screw steady, tighten jam nut.
5.  Re-check with the feeler gauge.  If it's still not right repeat step 4 until it is.
6.  Repeat steps 3 - 5 for the #1 EXHAUST valve.
7.  Turn the crankshaft 180 degrees COUNTER-CLOCKWISE and repeat steps 3 - 7 on cylinder #2, then #3 and finally #4.  You MUST always remember to turn the crankshaft 180 degrees counter-clockwise whenever moving to the next cylinder.
2017 june
You remembered to write down the tight valves in your maintenance record, didn't you??  You DO have a maintenance record, right??  I thought so. . .

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