May 2017 Newsletter

May 2017 Newsletter
2017 May

Previous Run: Markus Birthday Run.

2017 MaySeeing that it was Markus’ birthday we thought we would surprise the birthday boy on a surprise run to Rawsonville.  After making all the arrangements with Michelle to get Markus to Rawsonville we met up at McDonalds N1 City at 9:00 when we were surprised with 2 new buggies, Christo and Johan wanting to join us on the run.  Given the weather they decided to change their clothing and arranged to meet up with us later.
2017 MayWe left N1 City at +-9:35 and made a quick pit stop at the Engen One Stop to meet up with Christo and Johan.  From there we carried on with the N1 through the tunnel to meet up with Ouboet and Leana, who was waiting for us at the Rawsonville turn off, to lead us to Innihoek in Rawsonville where Markus, completely unaware of what is to come, was waiting along with our partner in crime Michelle.
After arriving at Innihoek, wishing Markus happy birthday and getting over the excitement of the surprise we all enjoyed a few drinks and something to eat.  The birthday boy even received a birthday shooter on the house from the owner, Anita.
After spending an amazing afternoon together we all left Innihoek to head home.



2017 May














Click the link below to see all the photos of this run:


2017 May
Next Event: Niel & Marie Se Run. Sunday 21 May 2017.

Hi all Buggers,
We will meet at the Winelands ENGEN 1 Stop on Sunday Morning 21/05/17 at 10h00. (Dit is winter!!!)
We will leave at 10h30 and make our way to IM EIMER near Somerset West, via a scenic drive.
IM EIMER serves the best Eisbein, Schnitzel, Zebra Steaks etc. etc. in the Cape at realistic prices!.
There is also live music on Sunday afternoons and boma fires for the cold.
Check it out at ( - MENU, PRICES and PHOTOS
I have booked, but it will be great if I can have an indication of attendance.
If the weather is not so "lekka", we may obviously use the "moffie" transport!
Remember the raffle!
Niel & Marie


Next Camp: Karin & Naomi Se Kamp. 7-9 July 2017.
2017 May
Hi all

The following buggers have confirmed that they will be joining us on the July camp:

Ouboet + Leana
Naomi + Anton
Karin + Vernon + Lillian +3
Markus + Michelle
Sandra + Christo + Maxie
Lene + Jacques
Cherees + Karien + 4
JP + Karen + 4
Neil + Marie

If there is anyone else that would like to join, please urgently let me know as I will be making the bookings on Monday 15 May 2017.  

Regards, Karin. or 084-805 2116


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Accounting Services: Personal TAX & Provisional TAX, CC's, PTY's, Books & Statements, Special letters, VAT etc. Phone Sandra 084-3589 846 or E-mail or see her website at

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Biltong & Droë Wors, honey, dried Fruit & Nuts can be bought from Kleyn Begin. Contact Naomi – 08 28 48 68 55. Or E-mail them at or see their website
2017 May

Other great Club places you can use to buy or sell your Beach Buggy or Air-cooled parts that will be viewed by 1000’s of people.

Adding A Deep Sump.  Step-By-Step
I am a firm believer in the value of adding extra oil capacity to your engine.  Extra oil ensures that there is oil at the pick-up tube when your engine really needs it.  Hard cornering, braking and acceleration all can cause your oil to slosh away from the pick-up tube.  A quick moment of oil pump cavitation may not even make your oil light come on but it can begin to damage your engine's wear surfaces.
To help minimize the possibility, I'm adding a 1.5 qt. deep sump to my new motor.  I picked up this particular one at a VW swap meet for $10.  They can be had new for around $40 and up.
2017 May
The first thing you need to do is carefully remove all 6 of the sump/screen studs.  All of these can be transferred to the oil sump where the sump plate will now reside.  One problem you may run into, is the stud which holds the oil pick-up tube nut on the inside of the case.  If you are about to build up a new engine, place the longer studs in place PRIOR to building the short block.  When installing any of the studs, I always use non-hardening sealant on the threads of the studs prior to installing them in their holes.  Doing this will significantly reduce the chances of having a leak (which these sumps are famous for).
2017 May             2017 May             2017 May             2017 May
Once the studs are in place, you will need to add a thin layer of the same sealant to the bottom of the engine case sump as well as the opposite mating surface of the deep sump.  Then you need to put a thin layer of sealant on one side of one cardboard gasket.  Place the sealant side of the gasket onto the engine case sump.  Now add another thin layer of sealant to the other side of the gasket.  You're now ready to place the sump up into place.  Once you have the sump seated on the case, get all the nuts started by hand.  I like to use the self-locking (nylock style) nuts since you don't want these to someday come loose.  Then I tighten them in a criss-cross pattern just snugging them a little at a time until it's tight.  About 10 ft. lbs is all that's required.
2017 May             2017 May
Now you need to install the pick-up tube extension.  This is held in place with a hose clamp.  It's kind of tight in there so you will need to use a wrench.  
2017 May   
Once that is good and tight, you're ready to add the screen and close it up.  I use the non-hardening sealant on ALL the sealing surfaces including both sides of all gaskets and the sump screen edges.  
2017 May
Another trick is to always USE a NEW sump plate.  Don't be cheap and skimp on a $3 sump plate by using your old warped plate.  That's a sure way to have an oil dripper out in the driveway.
I've sealed every sump I've run this way and I've never had a sump leak.  You just need to ensure you don't skip a surface or leave gaps in the sealant.
2017 May
I always replace the standard drain plug with a magnetic drain plug.  This little addition will help catch small metallic particles that float around in your oil.  This is especially important for those of you NOT running a full flow oil system with a filter.
2017 May


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