Beach Buggy Club SA Constitution

  1. Membership can be applied for by anyone who owns a roadworthy Beach Buggy, taking note that this is a private club and right of admission is reserved.

  2. Possible applicants must attend two runs with his/her Buggy before being able to be considered for membership; the committee can decline or approve an applicant’s membership without stating a reason/s why.

  3. Membership fees are R500 per family per annum, subject to change at any time during that year, with the consent of the members, during an AGM.

    • Club Members can pay Fees in cash or either sign Debit Order which will be R42 per month. (Year fees R500 divided by 12 months)

    • Cash Fees are payable by end January, each year, or within two months after being elected as a new member.

    • Notification of fees due will be forwarded via the newsletters to members by January each year;

    • Members will receive two notifications via newsletters of club-fees due;

    • Correspondence will seize after failure to respond to 2nd notification and membership can be terminated by consistently failing to pay subs.

  4. It is expected of all members to exhibit acceptable social behavior and moral standards at all times; this is a family club where women and children attend runs and everyone must feel comfortable to participate in all club activities. The Committee, without stating a reason why, has the right to expel anyone who does not adhere to the basic rules as laid out in the Constitution.

  5. The club, its members and/or any person/s cannot be held responsible for any fines, losses, damages or injuries before, during or after club activities.

  6. COLOURS: are to be worn by all Beach Buggy Club SA Members on all club occasions. If, for some reason Colours cannot or will not be worn at all, permission is required from the President.

    • COLOURS is available on a template for which the club has paid and the following rules regarding the wearing and displaying of Colours must be adhered to at all times:

    • Your name by which you would like to be known as, displayed at the bottom of badge;

    • All Ranks to be displayed on the top of the badge.

  7. At no time may any member maliciously or spitefully damage any piece of cloth or clothing displaying the club logo.

  8. At no time may anyone bring the club in disrespect by wearing his or her Colours outside of a run or club activity and not exhibit social and moral standards and behavior.

  9. Committee members have status in the club and therefore it is expected of them to make sure that rules and regulations are applied on runs.

  10. Constitutional changes can be made only on an A.G.M and only if more than 75% of members that are present on that meeting agree to such changes.

  11. New Committee members can be proposed and promoted by the members once a year on the AGM or on a committee meeting by the Committee members.

  12. If a member for some reason or other does not have a buggy anymore, he or she can still remain an active member, wear Colours and attend runs.

  13. A raffle will be held on every club activity and it is expected of all club members to donate something for the raffle.

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