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Saturday 3 March 2018.

Hi Buggers

Seeing that we had so much fun on our February run, we've decided to arrange a sleep over at Ou Trekpad on 3 March 2018 .

To make it a bit more interesting Jacques has come up with some games and challenges involving our buggies.

We'll meet at the clubhouse 8:00 on the morning of 3 March 2018 for coffee and muffins.

Cost is R150 per vehicle plus R50 per person to sleep over.

Please bring with camping equipment (tent, chairs, braai grids etc.) for those spending the night.

Here are the games that we are going to play.

All games is timed events as well as points allocated or deducted.
If there is 10 entries the best time will score 10 points and worst time 1 point. (adjusted pro rata to the amount of entries)
All games done with driver and co driver seated with safety belt on. No “hangers on” for safety reasons.

All the detailed rules will be displayed and explained before each event.

Bring family and friends.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.



Plan Ahead for - 2018

DATE                            EVENT 

14 January ------------------------------------------------------  Christo
11 February ----------------------------------------- Vernon en Karin
11 March ------------------------------------------------- Neil en Marie
20 – 22 April------------------------------- Karin en Vernon Kamp
6 May ---------------------------Jacques en Lene (Mother’s Day)
10 June ------------------------------------------------ Anton en Naomi
6 – 8 July --------------------------------- Sandra en Christo Kamp
12 August -------------------------------------------- Fonds Insameling
9 September  ------------------------------ Karen en JP (Barnyard)
12 - 14 Oktober ------ Karen en JP Kamp (Hennie en Chinelle)
11 November  ---------------------------------------------------------  Jan
8 December  -------------------------------------- Jaareinde + AGM
27 December – 3 January ------------------------- 7 dae avontuur



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