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Previous Event: Rally dag/vondsinsameling. 13 Oktober.
2018 november
Lené Willmot

2018 november2018 novemberNa 'n paar maande se beplanning en wik en weeg oor wat ons kan & mag verkoop, en wat nie, breek 13 Oktober aan - Rally dag, met 'n wilde wind wat so amper dreig om ons planne te kortwiek.  Maar, ons is Wild Buggers en laat ons mos nie sommer onderkry nie!

Ons stalletjie is opgestel, gazebo's lekker ge-anker, en ons is reg vir besigheid.  Met die weer wat effens aan die warm kant was, was die koffie verkope minder as wat ons verwag het, maar nietemin glad nie sleg vir 'n eerste keer nie.  
Toe die vuur aan die brand is en die geur van burgers en boerewors in die lug begin hang, na 'n aanvankilike stadige begin, het die rally manne en vroue begin nader staan en onder die vlytige hande van die stalletjie bemanning is ons toe sommer vinnig-vinnig uitverkoop!
Die jong-klomp het die stalletjie na die toeskouers geneem, en hulle verkoop vernuf bewys deur 'n hele paar lekker-goed pakke te verkoop.  Dankie Ami, Lilly and Maxi - julle is awesome!

Baie dankie aan elke Wild Bugger wat kom inloer het, en beide die Rally-jaers en die klub se stalletjie kom ondersteun het!

 Karin Watson

After weeks of preparation and excitement the day of the rally finally arrived and we couldn’t wait.  We were all set up and ready to go as the people slowly started approaching our stall for some coffee and snacks to start off their day. 

While Anton got the fire going for our burgers and boeries, the buggies went out for their “warm up” lap and coming back to the “pit” area some of them  2018 novemberwere already covered in mud and we had our first breakdown. 
The first official lap out of the four went well and everyone came back excited for the next one. 

Unfortunately the guys ran into some bad luck on the second round seeing that there were three breakdowns which caused some problems with the boy’s times.
Luckily they managed to do the necessary repairs to get the buggies ready again for the third and fourth lap where some of them did much better than before.

2018 november While the boys were focusing on their lap times the rest of us were kept busy at the stall as the people started flooding in for something to eat.  We managed to sell out all of our boeries, burgers and more.

After a fun filled day, it was time for the prize giving where Kevin took the prize for Driver of the Day.
With such a successful day behind us we decided to celebrate with a braai and a dip in the pool at the club house.
2018 novemberA huge thank you to everyone involved in the fundraiser as well as those that participated in the rally.  We look forward to seeing you all at the next one!!

Naomi Kleyn

We left it a bit too late – I’m late, I’m late, I’m late for a very important date…. and so we only got to the Raleigh at around 9am. All the members waited for us to bring the food etc.
Luckily we had many hands to get everything done when we eventually rocked up!

2018 novemberWe set up the Gazebo and started the fire with “on-loan-blitz” from Vissie’s friend. Thank you for saving our day – much appreciated. The wood seemed to get a bit of Pres’es frustrations, but eventually the fire was burning and the Boerries was sizzling. Very soon people asked for something to eat and drink. We sold out on Boerries and Burgers.

Vissie, so sorry about your motor spewing oil – we believe you would have be great in that pipe-car!

Kevin, gratz on driver of the day! – So trots op jou!

Dit was ‘n stowwerige dag met die wind wat ons so bietjie opdraende gegee het, maar ons het dit verduur en all in all was dit ‘n heerlike dag in die son.

Toe besluit almal om die Klub-huis in te vaar. Die dag is afgesluit met ‘n lekker braai en swem. Anton het die girls lekker nat ge-bom – Ek is jammer ek het so stil, stil verdwyn. Die dag het sy tol ge-eis.
2018 novemberDankie aan almal wat die dag lekker gemaak het!




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Next Event: The Mexican 1000. Sunday 11 November.

In 1967 a bunch madcap guys, 68 to be precise, came together to race for 1000 miles to the town of La Paz. La Paz is situated in Mexico on the southern tip of the Baja peninsula.
Most of the cars were buggies!

The race has its roots in the fact that Bruce Meyers set up the fastest time of 34.45 hours in “Old Red” earlier in a police station to police station timed run.
Basically they had a piece of paper stamped and signed by police at the start and finish!

Check out the cool you tube video called 27 hours to La Paz

Sunday 11 November we will celebrate the first Mexican 1000 that was run on 31 October 1967 (yesterday exactly 51 years ago!) by doing a themed 200 km run.
We will start at 8:30 at the crossing of Contermans kloof road and the M48 (where the Malanshoogte and Contermans kloof road cross the Vissershok road) Starting point -33.786527 / 18.585048
See map attached. The route are mostly gravel roads but not off road so it will easy going for the buggies.

We’ll start with Mexican coffee with baked beans and Mariachi music to calm the nerves. Sombreros and Poncho’s will add colour and spice up the day.
We’ll stop along the way to take photos of special historical landmarks. Nice “we were there” pics!
We’ll stop for brunch. Bring Mexican food: Nachos, tortillas, salsa and a chilly or two!  Mexican beer and a shot of tequila to complete the party…

The Mexian 200 will end where we drive down to the ocean and celebrate Bruce Meyers’s accomplishments and the buggy lifestyle….the Mexican way! 

Jacques Willmot2018 november

Next Next Event: Year-end Function. 8 December.

Our year-end function will be on 8 December 2018 this year and we have arranged a sleepover for this year.

Invitations will be sent out by the end of October 2018. (Paid members only)

Details to follow in next newsletter.

Next Next Next Event: 7 Day Adventure. 27 December – 3 January.

We ran into some accommodation problems and therefore had to make a slight change in the route.

We will leave on 27 December to Ceres where we will stay at Klondyke cherry farm for 2 nights.  From there we will leave on 29 December for Clanwilliam where we will stay for another 2 nights at Highlanders campsite.  We will then leave there on 31 December for Piketberg where we will stay at Scheppie Saus over the new year.  On 2 January we will head home.

Total cost for the trip works out to R590 per person (accommodation only).

I will need confirmations by 15 September and deposits paid by 30 September as I need to pay deposits over to the camp sites by end of September in order to keep our bookings.

More information to follow closer to the time.

Vernon & Karen


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Technical. (I wonder how many of you know this?)
Clutch Adjustment

  1. Press down lightly on the clutch pedal and, with a ruler, measure the distance that it moves freely before the clutch resistance is felt. This freeplay should be within the limits of 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. If it isn't, it must be adjusted.
  2. Raise the rear of the car and support it securely on jackstands.
  3. The clutch cable adjuster is located under the vehicle on the driver's side of the transaxle adjacent to the upper engine mounting.
  4. Have an assistant depress the clutch pedal completely. Place a 3-inch extension between the clutch lever and the body, then release the clutch. This will relieve the tension on the cable so the adjusting nut can be turned freely.

Note: Alternately, lubricate the adjusting nut with a suitable lubricant such as WD-40 so that the nut can be
turned freely.

  1. Loosen the locknut (if equipped) and turn the adjustment wingnut (clockwise to tighten) until the freeplay is correct. It may be necessary to hold the cable with a locking plier to prevent it from twisting.
  2. Set the adjusting nut so that there is 1/2 to 3/4 inch of freeplay in the clutch pedal.
  3. After adjusting the pedal freeplay, tighten the locknut (if equipped).
  4. Recheck the pedal freeplay.