September Newsletter

Previous Event: Skobbejak se Run. 19 August.

After meeting some new Buggers at Shoprite in Bothasig, we set off at 9:00 via the scenic route to the Hok 11 market between Durbanville and Klipheuwel.  After taking on some mud puddles on our way there, we got to enjoy some shopping and eats.

After a quick pitstop in Mikpunt we made our way to Klippe Cabana via the muddy river gauntlet.  Kevin thinking his buggy is a submarine motivated Werner to take on the gauntlet.  Arriving at Klippe Cabana we bumped into some more hard core buggers.  We had a few drinks while Kevin tried to start the fire.  We got to know Werner and his family and happy to see that he fits in perfectly with this crazy crowd.  After having something to eat we were surprised by a few rounds of shooters from the locals.  From there we headed home with some entertainment from Kevin and Werner who seemed to think that they were riding Porches.

Thank you very much for a very fun and entertaining run.  Looking forward to the next one.

Vernon & Karen

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2018 September
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Next Event: Jp & Karen’s Barnyard Run. 9 September.

2018 September

You are invited to join us in the sing-a-long /clap-a-long / dance-a-long/just-have-fun @ The Barnyard,Willowbridge,Tygervalley
Date: Sunday 09 September
Times: 2-4pm appr
Ticket pricing: R115pp
**This will most probably be our LAST run that we are organizing-so it will be nice to see all the old faces together for “oulaas”

***If you would like to join our Barnyard Run, Please will you arrange EFT payment to my bank account-before 25 August, in order for us to still make
A good seat booking

Kindly mail proof of payment to:

DRINKS**CASH bar @ Barnyard

FOOD:**You are allowed to bring own platters/picnic baskets OR purchase their well-known pizza’s/platters(see their website for more details - Platters MUST be ordered in advance)

Meeting times TBA closer to the time.2018 September

Strictly No. 1’s is a roller coaster ride through 60 years of number 1 hit songs that made us dance, sing, cry and party ‘till sunrise. The show features a 10-piece cast, along with our crazy DJ who will take you back to the hit parade number one songs on radio stations around the world.

We look forward to another Barnyard experience with you!
Kind regards Karen & JP du Plessis

Next Next Event: Fundraiser. 13 October.

We have arranged with the organizers of the Rally Sprint to put up a stall to sell a few things in order to raise funds for our Clubs year end function.  We would like to ask all club members to please come and help out at the stall as all profit will be added to the funds for the year end function.  

Date    : 13 October 2018 (Please not this is a Saturday)
Venue : Klipheuwel
Time   : To be confirmed

More details to follow.
2018 September
Next Next Next Event: Jan Se Run. 11 November.

Details to follow in next newsletter.

Year-end Function

Our year-end function will be on 8 December 2018 this year and we have arranged a sleepover for this year.

Invitations will be sent out by the end of October 2018. (Paid members only)


7 Day Adventure
(We will need confirmations by 15 September and deposits paid by 30 September.)

We ran into some accommodation problems and therefore had to make a slight change in the route.

We will leave on 27 December 2018 to Ceres where we will stay at Klondyke cherry farm for 2 nights.  From there we will leave on 29 December 2018 for Clanwilliam where we will stay for another 2 nights at Highlanders campsite.  We will then leave there on 31 December 2018 for Piketberg where we will stay at Scheppie Saus over the new year.  On 2 January 2019 we will head home.

Total cost for the trip works out to R590 per person (accommodation only).

I will need confirmations by 15 September 2018 and deposits paid by 30 September 2018 as I need to pay deposits over to the camp sites by end of September 2018 in order to keep our bookings.

More information to follow closer to the time.

Vernon & Karen


Members can advertise their business here or whatever you want to advertise here for free. Just mail me your add:

Accounting Services: Personal TAX & Provisional TAX, CC's, PTY's, Books & Statements, Special letters, VAT etc. Phone Sandra 084-3589 846 or E-mail or see her website at

Biltong & Droë Wors, honey, dried Fruit & Nuts can be bought from Kleyn Begin. Contact Naomi – 08 28 48 68 55. Or E-mail them at or see their website
2018 September




Hand Brake Procedures

Note: The hand brake should be adjusted whenever the rear brake shoes have worn enough to allow you to raise the lever five clicks without noticeable braking action. It is essential that the cables be adjusted to that the "compensating" lever (immediately below the adjusting nuts on the hand brake) is horizontal when the hand brake is applied. If the rear brake shoes are adjusted properly but the compensating lever isn't horizontal after adjustment of the hand brake cables, one cable may be stretched and, if left in service, will eventually break. If only one of the cables is broken or damaged, you don't have to replace the other one, but one cable will be more stretched than the other. It's easier to adjust two cables of the same age, so we recommend replacing both cables when one brakes.

Hand Brake Adjustment Procedure

  1. Jack up the rear of the car and place it on jack stands.
  2. Adjust the rear brakes if necessary.
  3. Go to the front of the car and remove the rubber boot from the brake handle.
  4. Use two 10mm wrenches to loosen the top nut on the top of the cable. Hold the cable from turning with the screwdriver in the slot. Loosen both sides.
  5. Pull the lever up three clicks.
  6. Turn the bottom nuts down on the cables until you can just turn each rear wheel by hand. Braking effort must be equal on both sides.
  7. When you are four notches on the handle, the wheels should be stopped and you should be unable to turn the wheels by hand.
  8. Release the brake again and make sure that the wheels turn freely and that they are "balanced" -- both stop at the same time. Readjust as necessary.
  9. When the brakes are tight at four notches and the lever and free when the lever is released, you have them right.
  10. When they are right, run the top nuts down on the bottom nuts. Hold the bottom one with one wrench while you tighten the top one--this locks the adjustment.
  11. Reinstall the rubber boot.
  12. Lower the car to the floor.

Hand Brake Cable Replacement Procedure

  1. Block the front wheels to prevent movement.
  2. Fully release the hand brake.
  3. Back off the brake adjusters slightly.
  4. WITH THE REAR WHEELS STILL ON THE GROUND, remove the cotter pin from the castle nut on the rear wheel shaft. Mark both the nut and the end of the axle where the cotter pin went thru so you can torque the nut to the same place when replacing it. Break the rear axle nut loose with a 36mm (1-7/16" socket) on a 3/4-inch drive breaker bar and "cheater" -- a length of pipe about four feet long to slip over the braker bar to give more torque. Remove the castle nut, then raise the car.

WARNING -- Loosen the two castle nuts (one on each side) while the car is on the ground. The castle nut should have at least 217 ft-lbs of torque on it -- the leverage needed to remove it is enough to topple a car off the jackstands.

Note: If you car is equipped with spinners (like ours is), the castle nuts will not be accessible with the wheels on the car. After removing the rear wheels, we had success with lowering the brake drums down onto large blocks of wood and firmly appling the parking brake. This plus the weight of the car on the wooden block held the brake drums in place while we removed and later replaced the castle nuts.

  1. Loosen the wheel lug bolts/nuts and raise the rear of the car and place it securely on jack stands.
  2. Remove the wheel lug bolts/nuts and remove the rear wheels.
  3. Back off the brake adjusting stars, then remove the brake drum from the splines in the rear wheel shaft. You now have the inner workings of the rear brakes exposed.
  4. Remove the rubber boot from the brake handle.
  5. Use two 10mm wrenches to loosen and remove the adjusting nuts on the top of the cable (two on each side). Hold the cable from turning with the screwdriver in the slot.
  6. Remove the compensating lever.
  7. Return to the rear of the car and disconnect the bolt that attaches the hand brake cable to the backing plate (on the rear of the backing plate).

Note: If you're replacing both cables, do one cable at a time so you'll have the other cable as a reassembly guide.

  1. Pull the rear end of the cable and cable guide and cable through the backing plate and pull the front end of the cabale out of the guide tube.
  2. Clean the cable and guide tube.

Note: on cars manfactured since August 1, 1966, the rear wheel track is wider. These models have longer hand brake cables. Compare the lengths of the new cable and the old cable to make sure you have the right replacement cable.

  1. Lubricate the cable with multi-purpose grease.
  2. Thread the front end of the cable through the guide tube and the rear end of the cable through the brake backing plate.
  3. Install the brake shoes and attach the hand brake cable to the lever on the rear shoe.
  4. Loosely install the cable adjusting nut and locknut at the hand brake lever.
  5. If you are replacing both cables, repeat the foregoing for the other cable.
  6. Reinstall the brake drum.

Note: Since there are no bearing in the rear brake drums, installation is straightforward. Simply slip the new drum onto the splines in the rear wheel shaft. If you have The only problem you may encounter is getting the new drum over the new shoes. Back off the brake adjusting stars completely to provide clearance.

  1. Reinstall the wheels.
  2. Adjust the brakes according to the Brake Adjustment procedure.
  3. Adjust the hand brake cable in accordance with the procedure above.
  4. Carefully lower the rear of the car to the ground.