February Newsletter

Previous Event: A.G.M. Minutes. 14th December.

President welcomes all members:

Members that attended were: Anton Kleyn, Naomi Kleyn, Karin Watson, Vernon Simonhoff, Sandra Jacobs, Christo Jacobs, Johan Nel, Liana Nel, JP du Plessis, Heidi Otto, Christiaan Joubert, Hennie Smith, Chinelle Theart.

New Members:

Besonderhede van die borduurder moet via e-pos uitgestuur word vir die nuwe lede wat baadjies moet laat maak

Club coulors moet verteenwoordig word deur middel van baadjies of t-hemp

Hennie en Chinelle verantwoordelik om meer uit te vind in verband met die maak van club t-hemde

Hoe kry ons nog nuwe lede:

Die club het meer promosie nodig op social media en Heidi het haarself genomineer om dit oor te neem op Facebook.

It was decided that we should move away from our name “Beach Buggy Club SA” and go back to “The Wild Buggers”?

In ‘n poging om meer lede in te kry sal Vernon mense wat hulle buggies wil verkoop nooi om eers saam met ons op ‘n run te gaan voordat hulle ‘n finale beluit maak siende ons voel dat meeste mense hulle buggies verkoop omdat hulle niemand het om dit saam mee te geniet nie.

Daar is besluit om die vakansie dae te verwyder op die agter kant van ons membership kaartjies en dit te vervang met n advertensie oor die klub en n verwysing na ons facebook blad.

Ons het ook besluit dat in plaas daarvan om net kaartjies uit te deel gaan ons ook probeer om hulle besonderhede te kry sodat ons hulle kan uitnooi na ons runs toe - siende hulle nie altyd gamaklik voel om ‘n vreemdeling te bel vir details nie.

Kaartjies moet ook by die volgende plekke deur die volgende mense af gegee word:

Flat four racing         -           JP
Berg Motors   -                     Christo
Beamish                    -           Anton

Anton sal ook uitkyk vir meer beetle spesialiste om meer kaartjies uit te gee

Membership Fees:

Lidmaadskap gelde moet inbetaal wees teen einde Februarie 2018 pending bank besonderhede en sal nie verhoog word hierdie jaar nie, maar sal R500 per familie bly

Naomi sal uitkyk vir ‘n nuwe bankrekening vir die club waar ons bv. state trek ens. En waar bank kostes verniet of minimaal is.

In-betweener Runs

These can be organized by any member. All you need to do is ask on our Whattsapp group who wants to go with – and see what happens. Last year we did Vernon & Karens inbetweener camp… and it was a lekker jol.

Convoy Driving:

Hoe werk convoy driving?
As jy nie meer die voertuig agter jou sien nie dan beteken dit jy moet stop en vir hom wag om op te vang.
Wanneer jy gestop bet sal die buggy voor jou sien jy is weg en dan sal hy stop.
En so word die convoy van agter af gestop.
Sort die problem uit en ry verder

Daar is ook besluit dat ons van nou af met ons ligte aan sal ry sodat ons mekaar makliker kan sien.


Daar sal nie meer ‘n raffle wees op elke run nie.  Indien jy wel iets het om vir die raffle te skenk dan is jy welkom om dit vir Anton te gee en wanneer daar dan genoeg items is kan ons ‘n raffle hou. – So asb, bring nog steeds iets vir die raffle.

Daar gaan ‘n fonds insameling gereel word vir die middel van die jaar. Daar is ‘n komitee gestig wat bestaan uit Karin, Heidi, Naomi en Lene


Die volgende mense is in gestem in die volgende posisies:

President          -        Anton
Sekretaresse  -         Karin Watson
Treasurer          -        Vernon


14 Jan            -           Christo
11 Feb            -           Vernon en Karin
11 Maart         -           Neil en Marie
20 – 22 Apr    -           Karin en Vernon Kamp
6 Mei              -           Jacques en Lene (Mother’s Day)
10 Junie        -           Anton en Naomi
6 – 8 Julie      -           Sandra en Christo Kamp
12 Aug           -           Fonds Insameling
9 Sep              -           Karen en JP (Barnyard)
12 - 14 Okt     -           Karen en JP Kamp (Hennie en Chinelle)
11 Nov           -           Jan
8 Des              -           Jaareinde + AGM
27 Des – 3 Jan         -           7 dae avontuur

Die lede wat die runs reel elke maand moet asb. 1 maand voor die tyd inligting na Anton deur voer in verband met die run

Organisers must write a one page letter after you have arranged a run / Camp for the newsletter
2018 february
Meeting adjourned:

Previous Event: Ice Cream run. 14th January.

On the 14th January we decided to have a short budget run to Gordons Bay to enjoy some world renowned ice-cream.

2018 februaryWe met up at 09:00 at McDonalds N1 City where we were welcomed with Coffee and donuts at a nominal fee. This was the brain child of Vernon & Karen and the money collected would go towards our end of year function. Awesome idea so let’s hope this type of stuff continues down the road and here with also a plight to support this efforts please.

The following people attended the run: Christo & Sandra, Naomi & Anton, Vernon, Karen, Lilly & Justin, Jacques, Lene, Amoray & Chris, Bok & Heidi, Johan & Eugenie.  We had 2 prospective members Abri and his Wife, they decided to come along for the ride and see what we’re all about.   It was nice having them with us. We departed for Gordon’s Bay and it was all smooth going.  We had plenty of sunshine which made the trip enjoyable to all!
Once in Gordon Bay, we found that the ice-cream shop has opened at least 4 additional shops. We decided to support the one that we have been going to for years, a little walk down the road never did anyone any “bad”. With our Ice-creams bought and as usual they way too big, we just stood around and caught up with friends and what is interesting in their lives.

2018 februaryAfter the sticky job was done and some chatting alongside the beach it was time to head back to the buggies. 
A quick consensus was made and we decided to go have lunch at Paarl De Ville just outside Durbanville.  We parted with our new friends along the road and Johan and Eugenie made a wrong turn and decided to head back home.  Sad to see them leave, but we had a very nice Lunch with good friends.  As usual the vibe was good and the food cheap and plenty full.  All the buggers departed safely home from there.


Click the link below to see all the photos of this run:


2018 february

Next Event: Vernon & Karins Run.  Saturday 10 February.

Looking at the feedback received we will be doing our run on Saturday 10 February 2018.

Meeting at the clubhouse at 8:00 for 8:30 for a day out at Ou Trekpad in Melkbos where we will have full usage of the off road track as well as the lapa and braai fascilities for the day.
There is also a play park for the kids so please bring family and friends.

Cost is R150 per vehicle for the hole day (no cost per person) 
Bring own dop and chop.
Wood and ice will be supplied.
There are toilet facilities, but unfortunately no electricity.

We would like to spend as much time there as possible so make sure you bring enough snacks and drinks to last.

The usual coffee and something nice will be sold at the clubhouse (fundraising for year end function)
You are welcome to bring your own travel mug.  Foam cups will also be available.


Next next Event: Niel & Marie’s Run.  11 Maart.

Still in the planning stages. More info in the next newsletter.


Members can advertise their business here or whatever you want to advertise here for free. Just mail me your add: anton@kleynbegin.co.za

Accounting Services: Personal TAX & Provisional TAX, CC's, PTY's, Books & Statements, Special letters, VAT etc. Phone Sandra 084-3589 846 or E-mail sandra@smitaccountants.co.za or see her website at www.smitaccountants.co.za

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Biltong & Droë Wors, honey, dried Fruit & Nuts can be bought from Kleyn Begin. Contact Naomi – 08 28 48 68 55. Or E-mail them at info@kleynbegin.co.za or see their website www.kleynbegin.co.za
2018 february

Other great Club places you can use to buy or sell your Beach Buggy or Air-cooled parts that will be viewed by 1000’s of people.



Brake Adjustment

  1. Raise the car and support it securely on jackstands. Release the parking brake.

Note: You need not remove the wheels unless you need the extra space for your big bod!

  1. Depress the brake pedal several times, using firm pressure, to center the brake shoes in the drum.
  2. Remove the rubber plugs from the brake backing plate (if they are missing, get new ones).
  3. Using a flashlight, look through the hole in the brake drum and check the brake lining thickness. If the lining is 1/16" thick or less, replace the brake shoes.
  4. Insert the brake adjustment tool into one of two holes in which you can see the adjusting stars.

Note: The adjusting stars are accessed through holes in the brake backing plate; they are located on the bottom inside of the wheel on both the front and the rear.
Note: Some people use a large screwdriver to adjust the brakes. A large screwdriver doesn't work very well in this application, as it doesn't give you enough levering room before the handle hits the front suspension. A brake adjustment tool, especially designed for the purpose, is best; however, make sure the blade is narrow enough to fit through the holes in the backing plate to react the adjusting stars. Note that the blade on the brake adjusting tool used on regular cars is too wide for use on VW brakes.

  1. Turn the star wheel (in the direction indicated below) until the brake shoe slightly drags on the drum when the wheel is turned. Then back it off 2-3 clicks. Be sure to adjust both brake shoes.
  2. Repeat Step 6 on all of the other wheels.