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2018 MayPrevious Event: Los Paras Camp.  6 - 8 April.

2018 MayVernon and I arrived at Witzenberg Guest Farm on Friday afternoon at about 14:00 awaiting Anton, Naomi, Jacques and Lene’s arrival at about 17:00.  Once everyone was settled in we decided to try our luck fishing at the dam.  To no surprise I (Karin) caught the first fish and obviously, Vernon caught the most.  After sunset, we made our way back to the chalets to light the fire realizing that we don’t have anything to start the fire with.  Sadly, it was up to the women to come up with a plan to create fire.  After Jacques nearly set the farm alight, we managed to get the fire going and could finally have a good laugh and a few drinks.

After breakfast on Saturday morning we left for our adventure at about 9:00.  We arrived in Ceres realizing that we might just freeze to death and some of us decided to get some blankets before losing a toe to frostbite.  Once 2018 Mayall the fuel tanks were filled we took to the gravel road to Tankwa Padstal.  A few hours later we reached our destination.  After having a look around, we had a few drinks and something to eat.  We then had a small photo shoot before hitting the road again.

We travelled through the Koue Bokkeveld towards Kagga Kamma admiring the beautiful scenery.  We stopped to take a few photos and built our friendship rock. After Anton’s “major breakdown”, which held us up for a couple of beers, we hit the road again via the popular Katbakkiespas towards Dorpie op die berg.

2018 MayA few kilometres later, we had another “major breakdown”.  Where another few drinks were destroyed.

After 265km of dusty road, we finally made it back to Witzenberg at about 17:00.
We then tried our luck again at fishing and this time it was everyone else that caught fish accept for Vernon and I.

The fire was light, this time with a lighter, and it was time for Tequila and Jaggermeister to come play. We also got to meet Chuck Norris the rekkie.

Sunday morning after a lekka breakfast and a good laugh about the weekend, sadly it was time to come home.
2018 May2018 May


A big thank you to those that could make it.   It was an awesome weekend and would love to do it again with the rest of the Buggers.  Definitely an experience of a lifetime.


 Click the link below to see all the photos of this run:


Next Event: Ramkat se Run. 6 May.

2018 MayDo you remember the days before 1 Stop and McDonalds, when Mom packed padkos in genuine Tupperware and wax paper?  When men still wore Safari Suits and
used Brillcream, and when smoking was still cool?  Mom had a beehive hairstyle and Jacki'O glasses, and wore a crimpolene mini skirt?

We'll gather at the clubhouse at 08:00 to depart at 08:30 for a little road trip around the mountain....

On top of Riebeeck Mountain parking area we will go back in time for a moment and stop for a 'Padkos' competition.
Everybody packs in Padkos, like in your childhood days.  Your padkos will be judged according to taste, presentation, and 'old school cool'!

Afterwards we can explore some more of Riebeeck Kasteel.

Jacques & Lené Willmot

2018 MayNext Next Event: Shrek’s Run. 10 June.

Being a winter run, let’s play it safe and do something indoors. Let’s go have some fun on the ice.

No, this is not an ice-cream run!
Let’s imagine we are back in our school days and go Spur’ing & ice-skating.

We meet at Mc Donald’s – N1 City – Goodwood at 12 noon for 12:30pm. From there we go to the Spur in Grand West for lunch. Have some lekker chow until just before 3pm when the ice-rink opens.
2018 MayIce-rink time: 3pm till 5:30.
If the weather is not lekker you are welcome to come in your car.


Next Next Next Event: Christo & Sandra’s Camp. 6-8 July

Details to follow in next newsletter.



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2018 May

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Brake Pedal Free Play
Adjustment Procedure

This is one of our many "school of hard knocks" experiences!

The brake pedal must have about 1/4 inch (5-7 mm) of free play, measured at the top of the pedal.
Some Background
Brake pedal freeplay is the amount of pedal movement before the pushrod touches the piston inside the master cylinder, before the piston starts to move. It's quite a distinctive feel on the brake pedal, but you have to use your hand to feel it properly.
The brake pedal free play adjustment is very important. The 5-7 mm of free play at the top of the brake pedal translates into 1 mm of play between the end of the push rod and the piston in the master cylinder. This distance is critical to assure that after braking the piston comes back far enough that it does not block the transfer port to the reservoir, allowing the pressure built up during braking to return to the reservoir and relax the system.
This brake pedal freeplay is very light and shouldn't be confused with the "take up distance" that the piston inside the master cylinder bore has to move before your brake lining engages with the drums/rotors; that is, the distance the pedal travels before braking action actually occurs. Excessive "take up distance" can be eliminated by bleeding air out of the lines and adjusting the brakes at each wheel. You usually have to readjust your brakes every oil change when new until they fully seat with the drums (sometimes even more often than that).
Note: It took us a long time to figure this out -- lesson learned (the hardest of hard ways). Bottom line: VERY CAREFULLY set the free play (as measured at the top of the brake pedal) to between 5 - 7 mm by adjusting the length of the push rod. Be careful and take your time -- this adjustment is very critical. If it's not right, you can very easily ruin your brakes.
Free Play Adjustment Procedure
Note: Unless you are VERY certain that the pushrod length has been tampered with, messing with the length of the pushrod is very risky and must be done with great care. VW recommends that the length of the push rod NOT be changed -- it must be a certain length (precisely 5.433" long plus or minus 0.019") and that's it.

  1. To change the length of the push rod, first loosen the 15mm lock nut on the push rod (furthest rear) with an open-end wrench.
  2. Carefully turn the 15mm nut on the push rod until it feels like its flush up against the piston in the master cylinder (no free play).
  3. Turn the rod back about half a turn and check the free play at the top of the brake pedal.
  4. Repeat until the free play, as measured at the top of the brake pedal, is EXACTLY within the range of 5-7 mm, then tighten the lock nut.

Not understanding what we were doing, we (that is, Dave) tried adjusting the free play by changing the length of the push rod, and we had a "school of hard knocks" pressurization experience as a result. If the transfer port to the reservoir is blocked, the braking pressure cannot be released, the brakes bind up, get hot, then the heat is transferred to the "trapped" fluid, thus pressurizing the system even more. This can bring your Bug to a complete stop, and heat up the brake drums to a point that you'll burn your fingers if you touch them. If you tow the car with this problem, you'll ruin the drums and shoes, as we did. :-( Once again, see our Brake System Pressurization Article for more discussion of this hard-learned lesson.
We received an interesting note about this from Sharkey's Garage -
I really wish an old VW engineer would explain to me why the master cylinder pushrod should be precisely 5.433" long (plus or minus 0.019"). If this measurement was *that* critical, why make the damn thing adjustable in the first place? A few others would agree with me, including a couple of actual certified and factory-trained ACVW technicians I know. The best response that one of them provided when somebody started going on and on about never adjusting the pushrod went as follows:
VW could not have foreseen that these cars would still be around decades after the factory manuals were printed. VW was very prideful of their products and the more you asked them "why", the more they tightened their sphincters and said "because". He gave plenty of reasons why adjustment of the pushrod may, in fact, may be required:

There has been debate in our correspondence regarding the adjustable stop on the floor behind the brake pedal with regard to brake pedal free play adjustment. The Haynes Manual says -
Reposition the brake pedal stop plate so that the brake pedal has 5 - 7mm freeplay. This will produce the specified clearance between the pushrod and the piston recess.
Others say -
The mysterious sliding metal pedal stop in front of the pedals has nothing to do with the way the brakes operate. It is there to keep the brake pedal from returning too far back (toward the driver)...

The Bottom Line: What is being affected here is the at-rest distance beween the master cylinder push rod and the piston inside the master cylinder. This distance must be 1mm, which translates to 5-7 mm of free play as measured at the top of the brake pedal. Don't drive the car unless the brake pedal free play is absolutely correct!