History of Our Club 

A word from our President.

I bought my first Beach Buggy back in 1990 for R3 500 and immediately fell in love with these cute little cars. Well to cut a long story short, a few years later I was involved in an accident and the Bugg was written off. In 1994 I decided to build one myself. R15 000 later and I had a stunning Bugg, needless to say I was very proud of it. In 1995 I thought it would be great if a few Buggs could get together and go for a drive. Knowing that there were no Buggy clubs in Cape Town I decided to start one.

In the beginning it was difficult with only 3 or 4 members (and half of them not turning up for Runs). All we did were breakfast Runs, Braai's at the beach and occasionally we would do a wine route. In 1997 we had about 15 members but an attendance rate of 1 or 2 Buggs, things were going bad for the club. In 1998 I recruited a new member, Ronnie Metz, who was eager to take the club to new heights. The two of us decided to call an emergency meeting to discuss the survival of The Wild Buggers and tried our best to get all the members to attend the meeting. The meeting was a great success. Here it was decided by the members to implement membership fees, to get and wear colours, to have a monthly Newsletter, what was expected of the club and how to get members dedicated and motivated. Since then The wild Buggers have grown to 31 Beach Buggys (+/- 70 members) and we do charity Runs, weekend runs and just about any Run you can think of. We are still growing strong!!!!.

Anton Kleyn

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