Ranking Structure 

Committee Members:

This member holds a position within the club, current positions being President; Secretary and Treasurer, or can be an Organiser and is essentially responsible for the organizing of Buggy runs. Organizers of events are voted into the committee on an annual basis.

Permanent Members:

This member holds the full embroidered Colours, which is achieved after approximately 6 months with the club. It will depend on how often they attend runs and if their subs are paid as well as what their input was towards the club. New Permanent Members will be nominated and promoted by the Committee Members. Permanent Members can be voted into the Committee as Organisers of scheduled events or runs.


New members can get their jackets but all they can put on the back is their name and this will then act as half colours – this gives them time to start working on their jackets collecting and putting on badges. They can qualify for full Colours after 6 months depending on how many runs they attended, membership fees paid etc. Committee will decide if they qualify or not.


An Applicant is a person wishing to join The Wild Buggers and he/she has to go through the selection process of attending two runs. After the two runs, the Committee will decide if the Applicant is suitable to join The Wild Buggers and will then only be informed by the Committee and allowed to become a member, at which point he/she becomes entitled to wear Half Colours.


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